The Jacksons

Our bags are 100% jute, which is a strong plant grown locally in Bangladesh. The nature of this plant material means that the bags can withstand intense use and the test of time. And after a long and happy life , they can biodegrade on the compost

Using jute is also a clever option when thinking about our carbon footprint. Indeed jute grows much quicker than cotton and requires much less water

Sustainability is a long journey but choosing jute is a step towards a fairer, more sustainable method of production

The Jacksons provides 1500 artisans with work all year round. A further 4000 people are given employment opportunities because of The Jacksons. In this partnership, artisans are being paid directly which gives them more freedom/ choices regarding their daily lives and future.

Thank you Louise Jackson

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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 products

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The Jacksons ‘Amour’ Small Bag blue

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